Practice Facilities and Learning Courses

Practice Facilities:
Our practice facilities allow you to work on all aspects of your game. From chipping and putting areas to full range driving, you can strengthen any part of your game that needs attention.

Short Game Practice Areas:

We have great learning courses located at Renaissance Park Golf Course, Charles T Myers Golf Courses that feature 3 holes to challenge any type of shot you can imagine from 100 yards and in. These practice areas can give you a step ahead of all of your playing partners by allowing you to save shots where other give them away.


Learning Course at Sunset Hills:
The Learning Course at Sunset Hills is the PERFECT place to learn the game of golf, or just work on your skills! This beautiful 9 hole tract winds through a spectacular wooded setting, and offers multiple tee areas so you can learn OR improve your game at your own pace. Each hole can be played from as short as 100 yards, OR you can play them from more challenging distances - all the way up to over 250 yards!

Need to work on your wedge game? Then you have 9 holes with tees PERFECT for that distance. Perhaps you want to become more proficient in your 5 iron - that's covered, too! You can hit, chip, putt and basically do whatever you need to lower your scores on the regulation course! Best of all, it's FUN, QUICK and INEXPENSIVE! So visit the Learning Course at Sunset Hills TODAY!!

Each hole features multiple tee areas so you can practice with virtually every club in your bag. The rolling terrain and expansive green complexes offer a variety of shots and challenges that will help you hone the essential skills you need to master the game of golf!

Visit THE LEARNING COURSE at Sunset Hills today, and see what everyone is talking about!