Golf + Soccer = Lots of Fun

FootGolf started in the Netherlands in 2009. This combination of soccer and golf has really started to get a following in the US. Not only does it require precision in your kicking skills but it also develops directional power in kicking. Your kicks need to curve around trees, over bunkers, and other hazards. Precision and accuracy are the keys to low scoring by not only using different kicks to curve the ball, but to also judge how different slopes and grass height will affect the overall kick.

This is a great event for people of all ages. Please talk with the golf shop about birthday parties and events!

DRESS CODE: Golf/Soccer Attire recommended. NO OUTDOOR SOCCER CLEATS allowed - sneakers or indoor soccer shoes are recommended for Footgolf on the course.

Sunset Hills Pricing for Footgolf

Mon-Thurs 9 holes $9.25 per player
Friday 9 holes $10.25 per player
Sat-Sun-Holiday 9 holes $11.75 per player

Replay fee: $5.00 per player

Additional Cart fee is $4.75 per player per 9 holes

Sunset Hills Golf Course

800 Radio Road
Charlotte, NC 28216
Phone: (704) 399-0980

9 Holes
Par 35
1,345 Yards