Start 2016 off Strong

By Jason Rockhold, MBA, PGA
PGA Member with Advanced Certification in Player Development
Director of Instruction
Impact Performance Golf Learning Center 

Here are a few things that can help you get more out of your golf game. I have added these into my routine and I have seen great results.


I know after a few months of indoor living, my backswing tends to get a little shorter. I am spending about 30-45 minutes 3 nights a week on YouTube doing YOGA. With it's HUGE library of YOGA experts that are leading classes in front of the camera, you get to see how the poses are supposed to be with out the travel time/cost of going to an actual class.

Click on the photo to check it out.

Stick with it! It's a slow process but you WILL start to lengthening your swing.


For most of us, playing golf everyday is far out of reach. To get/stay sharp with your ball striking it might be easier to head to the driving range for a quick bucket on the way home from work. Which 5 o’clock drive would you rather have anyway?


Hitting a quick bucket as traffic subsides can help your golf game, lower your stress level, and get you home nearly in the same amount of time! We have some great deals for Range cards too.


If I had a dollar for every golfer that showed up late or “on-time” for their tee time, I would be a rich man. Jumping out of the car and racing to the first tee, they make some big numbers on the first few holes, and then start to steady the ship. What’s really happening is that they're starting to loosen up at the cost of their score. If YOU show up early, hit a SMALL basket of golf balls to loosen up the swing, chip a few shots from around the green, and make some putts from long and short distances; you will find that you could lower your score by 5 shots.


The best way to start of the year is to find a golf instructor that you can trust, spend a few sessions with them, and work on a few things to get you moving in the right direction. Just a few lessons can do AMAZING things to your game. Finding the secret to hitting it longer, making crisp contact, or even making every 5 foot putt can give you the tools to be successful in achieving your goals with golf. The Impact Performance Golf Learning Center can help you with this transformation of your game. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or a subject you would like me to write about, please send them to me at Have fun out there!

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