Short "Games" to Solidify Your Short Game!

By Jason Rockhold, MBA, PGA
PGA Member with Advanced Certification in Player Development
Director of Instruction
Impact Performance Golf Learning Center

I started playing golf when I was two years old, but I started actually going to the golf course at age 5. Some of the greatest things that I did was playing little games with my friends & family having small competitions to feel the sense of victory.

These games really made me want to win but to do so in an honorable and fair way. I learned early that the more I practiced putting, the more putts that I made in the competitions. This philosophy translated to my short game which is the back bone to all good golf games.

I used these 5 games growing up to not only get better at my short game, but to have fun doing it.

1. 7-up

  • Flip a tee to determine starting order.
  • Leadoff player picks a hole and a starting position.
  • From zero to seven, you can score on sinks and closest to the hole::
    • Score +1 for closest to the hole
    • Score +2 for a sink
    • Score -1 for a three putt
    • You have to get to seven points exactly. If you go over, you start over (from zero).
    • Player who was closest to the hole (or was the last one to sink) has the honors for the next hole.

2. Horse

  • Flip a tee to determine starting order.
  • Lead off putter chooses a hole, a starting point, and calls his putt.
  • Leader can call distance &/or direction:
    • Distance from hole
      • Sink
      • Within the leather (putter grip)
      • Within the steel (shaft minus grip)
      • Within the shaft (length of the putter).
    • Direction from hole:
      • Below the hole (relative to the slope)
      • “Hole high” (even with or beyond the hole, relative to the starting position)Note: Other directions could be chosen, but they don’t translate into skills you can use on the course.)
  • Leadoff putter’s putter is used for all measurements.
  • If the leader doesn’t make the shot he called, he goes to the end of the line.
  • If he does, everyone else has to make it.
  • You get one letter in the name for every shot you miss (unless you’re the leader).

Strategy Notes

  • To win, pick the hardest shot you can make with a reasonable percentage of success.

3. Modified Stableford

This game allows multiple players to play in a way that is similar to match-play competition.

  • Flip a tee to determine starting order.
  • Play 9 or 18 holes with one or more competitors.
  • Par is 2.
  • Count +1 for a par, +3 for a sink, -1 for a bogey or worse.
  • Most points wins the competition.
  • If betting, pay up to players with a higher score.

4. Skins

  • Chip or pitch from off green.
  • For a quicker game, play closest to the hole for a skin.
  • For one that takes longer (mostly because of the time it takes to change clubs), play total strokes into the hole

5. Short 9

This game is a chipping game that you count all of your shots for nine up and down situations. Par is 2. Chip it onto the green and make the put

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